METAPHOR DESIGN + ARCHITECTURE (n.) – 1. A firm consisting of a young dynamic team fusing their local and overseas experiences (US, UK and Australia), constantly keeping relevant to the current design and technology, interpreting architectural spaces within the local and regional context, occasionally collaborating with local and regionala architects; 2. A firm that offers a wide spectrum of design works i.e. master planning in resort development, office buildings, showrooms, food courts, shop houses, factories, residential and interiors, emphasizing the versatility of design integration and solutions via thought process; 3. A firm that develops design solutions, ceaselessly evolving, composing layers of pragmatism, details and materiality, just like the METAPHOR of life.

The firm was founded in 1998 with a vision towards excellence in architecture and design. It is formed by award winning architects and offers a wide range of design and project services including architectural design, project conceptual planning, project management and interior space planning and design.

In METAPHOR, we are committed in providing a full range of design skills towards the execution of a broad spectrum of projects ranging from interior, residential, commercial to institution while presenting creative, value-added design solutions.

For each project, the Design Process is both integral and unique as it evolves through an iteration of study, analysis and experimentation responsive to the physical and emotional needs of the brief sets by the client, the budget, the site and the context.

Through the Design Process, a design is executed with great attention to details and the use of materials by drawing inspiration from the nature, the social responsibility to the environment, the interplay of form, space and light as well as the tension between old and new, all through the use of technology.